*Silver Award*International Independent Film Awards


*Exceptional Merit – Webisode Pilot* -WRPN Global Webisode Competition

*Exceptional Merit – Original Score*

*Award of Merit – Script/Writer*

*Award of Merit – Costume Design*


*Outstanding Filmmaker of the Year*2017 Short Cuts Film Festival

*Outstanding Original Score*

What happens when you lock twelve people in an office building and ask them to solve a murder mystery? Join the ridiculous antics of Mike Cool, top Agent of OFFICE, Inc., and Division Boss Carol, as they find themselves dealing with a murder in their very own office building. Things take a turn for the worst as interns Paul and Suzy, custodians Jack, Dean, and Noreen, and secretary Graham become subject to interrogation from a new presence. But the more the characters begin to discover, the deeper and darker the situation gets…Will they ever find the true killer? Captivating, mysterious, and at times, downright hilarious, OFFICE truly is a five-episode web series for all audiences to enjoy.