OPUS 12 is a ten episode web-series by Jad Jacob. OPUS 12 stars over two dozen young actors as art students of the future: after an apocalyptic virus known as the Vidance wipes out all of humanity’s knowledge on science, history, and mathematics, future generations rely on the education of the arts to supply energy to civilization-or so the school wants the students to think. Follow painter Vincent Jackson in his hopelessly romantic journey into falling in love with cook Julia Gordon, who is indefinitely dating Vince’s archenemy, dancer Michael Barrish. Engaging, dramatic, and at times, hilarious, Jad Jacob’s OPUS 12 is a start-to-finish rollercoaster that will leave you wanting to watch the whole thing all over again. OPUS 12 played regularly on Proctors Theatre’s Open Stage Media program (July-November 2016) and has gained local attention through newspapers and throughout the Niskayuna community. The story continues in Jad Jacob’s feature-length prequel film, Belwatchreleased Nov. ’16.


Outstanding Actor (Ethan Schalekamp)

Outstanding Actress (Hannah Davis)

Outstanding Director

Most Promising New Young Filmmaker