OPUS 12 is a ten episode web-series by creator Jad Jacob. OPUS 12 stars over two dozen young actors as art students of the future: after an apocalyptic virus known as the Vidance wipes out all of humanity’s knowledge on science, history, and mathematics, future generations rely on the education of the arts to supply energy to civilization-or so the school wants the students to think. Follow painter Vincent Jackson in his hopelessly romantic journey into falling in love with cook Julia Gordon, who is indefinitely dating Vince’s archenemy, dancer Michael Barrish. Engaging, dramatic, and at times, hilarious, Jad Jacob’s Opus 12 is a start-to-finish rollercoaster that will leave you wanting to watch the whole thing all over again.


Following the success of his first web series, Jad Jacob set out to create his first feature film: a prequel movie to OPUS 12, entitled BELWATCH. An hour-and-ten-minute film split into three acts, BELWATCH is the story of how the Opus Academy came to be, 15 years before the events of the web series itself. Watch the past generation of young thinkers run a political council that governs over the small safezone community of Belwatch. Watch the infamous Dr. Malvin slowly gain power over the group, leaving the audience in awe and wonder at his motives and strategies until the story’s climactic finish. Thrilling and inspiring, this tale of romance, jealousy, and obsession is a political thriller that certainly completes the story of the Opus.


What happens when you lock twelve people in an office building and ask them to solve a murder mystery? Join the ridiculous antics of Mike Cool, top Agent of OFFICE, Inc., and Division Boss Carol, as they find themselves dealing with a murder in their very own office building. Things take a turn for the worst as interns Paul and Suzy, custodians Jack, Dean, and Noreen, and secretary Graham become subject to interrogation from a new presence. But the more the characters begin to discover, the deeper and darker the situation gets…Will they ever find the true killer? Captivating, mysterious, and at times, downright hilarious, OFFICE truly is a five-episode web series for all audiences to enjoy.


I AM SYRIA is a stunning documentary capturing the lives of Syrian refugees living in Stuttgart, Germany. Witness the stories and struggles of families, mothers, fathers, and children as they are forced to leave their beloved country behind and start life again in Europe. The true and horrific stories of the Syrians’ plight were captured by Jad Jacob and his father Joseph in a one-week trip to Germany. View the state of the refugee shelter; the homes of the refugees; the opinions of the Germans caring for them; and the life a refugee lives in Europe versus the life they can have here, in America. I AM SYRIA is a timely documentary meant for an American audience to glimpse the true nature of the Syrian Crisis.